About NEME

NEME was established in 2001 to provide so-called "new media" solutions to companies that didn't have the specialist skills in house.

We produce web sites (particularly e-commerce and database-driven sites), CD-ROMs, and other interactive media.

We work both with design agencies and with end clients.

We're small and flexible.

And while we know it's a cliché, we "let our work do the talking". Almost all of our business comes from recommendations, word of mouth, and repeat business.

So if you're here, you probably know who we are already!

But if you want to know more, please take a look at some examples of our work or get in touch.

About NEME's name

About the company

NEME is a privately owned limited company (NEME Limited).
Registered in England number 4343827.
Registered office: 46 Camden Road, London. NW1 9DR..